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Selected Topics in Product Management

Accelerating the Effectiveness Of Your Product Management Organization

This is a series of program modules designed to focus specific aspects of the product management function within an organization.  


These modules may be offered as a follow-up to Implementing the Product Management Function or as standalone courses that address specific areas of interest or need.  The length of each may be tailored to be to 2 days, depending on the desire of the organization and the depth/breadth of coverage required.  In addition, other specific topics may be extracted from the Improving Product Lifecycle Management material or designed to accommodate specific needs.




As the first step in the Product Lifecycle, the Product Inception phase is highly strategic and provides considerable leverage in determining the eventual success of the products that result.  Topics include:

         Managing the “Fuzzy Front End”

         Methodologies for capturing and screening new ideas

         Portfolio Management

         Product/Service Definition

         Developing Product Specifications

         The importance of market segmentation

         Methods for segmenting the market

         Tools for understanding the customer

         Identifying the real customer need

         Creating a specification that properly guides the development process

         Using (and avoiding misusing) the specification during development

         Designing the Whole Product




There is increasing pressure to bring product to market faster, driven by a combination of customer expectations, competition and faster lifecycles of external components and complementary products.  This course addresses techniques that can be employed to reduce the cycle time in getting a product market.  Topics include:

         Practical approaches for short-cutting the predevelopment process (“fuzzy front end”)

         Developing economic decision rules that guide tradeoffs

         The importance of process queues in cycle time

         Why additional resources can improve economics

         The role of architecture in reducing time to market

         Effectively using incremental innovation as a tool for reducing time and risk

         Properly sequencing activities

         The pitfalls of the staged gate process and how top overcome them

         Managing risk and uncertainty



The product launch is the “coming out party” for the new product and, like any major event, careful planning and execution is required for success.  This course addresses the various internal and external aspects of the product launch, including:

         Planning the launch

         Elements of the launch

         The internal and external launch

         Organizational preparedness

         Mobilizing the key participants

         The Product Introduction Plan, including a checklist of launch activities


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