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Developing and Strengthening the Brand

Concentrated Training for Brand Managers and Others Involved with Marketing Brands and Products

Course Overview

"Developing and Strengthening the Brand" is a workshop designed to increase the effectiveness of brand managers and others involved in marketing products and/or brands.  The workshop provides tools and knowledge for developing, strengthening and maintaining a brand or portfolio of brands.  It covers the roles & responsibilities of brand management and how these are evolving over time, the key organizational interfaces, and the use of the classical Marketing "Ps" to strengthen a brand.  It also explores the different levels of the brand (e.g., elements, attributes, personality and core values), and how each plays an important role in developing and maintaining strong relationships with customers. Ultimately, it translates brand strength into financial payoff in the form of brand equity and brand value.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role of Brand Management within an organization and its relationship to Product Management and other key functions
  • Examine the various components of a brand and their importance in establishing the overall brand identity
  • Determine how you can optimize your brand to develop a closer relationship with your customers
  • Ensure that your brand promise and your product/service delivery reinforce each other
  • Identify ways to measure and increase brand equity and brand value

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for brand managers and those responsible for creating and strengthening a company's brands.  In addition, it is useful for those who interact with brand managers and those who are responsible for marketing products and services. 

  • Brand Managers and those responsible for managing the function
  • Marketing managers
  • Product managers, product marketing managers and others responsible for marketing products
  • Business managers and others wanting to become more knowledgeable about the role of the brand and its impact on the business

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