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Certified Product Manager

Inception Through Launch 

Course Outline

To begin the course you will identify the major challenges facing you and focus the course material on the issues that are most valuable.

Overview of Product Lifecycle Management

This section provides an overall view of the product lifecycle and discusses the role of product management and product marketing in managing the product from cradle to grave.

Understanding Goods and Services

Effective product management starts with a deep understanding of the product. In this section, you will discuss:

  • The definition of a product and the different levels of a product that exist from the customers' perspective
  • The various core benefits that a customer seeks and why these are critical to the product manager
  • Why factors beyond the product itself often have the greatest impact on buying decisions and customer satisfaction
  • Different types of products and how these differences impact the nature of the product requirements

          Action Learning Exercise: Determining the different levels of a product

Product Lines and Product Mix

Rarely does a product stand alone - it is part of a product line, and the line is part of a product mix.  This section discusses each and describes the role of product extensions in increasing market coverage.

Key Product Decisions

There are many decisions and considerations facing the product manager when he/she is defining the product. This section examines the different elements of a product and how each must be considered explicitly.

  • Product attributes
  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Support
  • Relationship to the brand

           Action Learning Exercise: the Product/Brand Audit

Market Segmentation and Product Positioning

It is important for your product to be positioned clearly in the minds of your customers and prospects, since fuzzy or poorly articulated positioning may cause them not to take the next step in the purchase process.

  • The importance of market segmentation in determining your product positioning
  • How and when to position your product
  • The warning signs that positioning needs revising

           Action Learning Exercise: Positioning a product

The Product Lifecycle: Inception through Launch

Product management is responsible for the first half of the product lifecycle - inception through launch. This section reviews the stages of the product lifecycle with a focus on the critical first stages.

  • The stages of the product lifecycle and the key activities within each
  • A methodology for managing the development process that is in widespread use today
  • A proven approach to screening ideas and the common mistakes that are made at this important step in the process

          Action Learning Exercise: The new product development process

Preparing For the Launch

In addition to marking the transition from development to commercialization, the launch is also the typical handoff of the product to product marketing from product management. Both functions need to be intimately involved for the transition to run smoothly. This section reviews:

  • Overall activities associated with the product launch
  • Internal launch preparedness
  • Ensuring a smooth transition to production

The Extended Value Chain

There are many companies ultimately involved in delivering the solution to the customer, each with a specific role to play. This section examines the value chain from the perspective of:

  • The direct value chain for your product
  • The extended chain of companies delivering the complete solution to your customers
  • How to develop and nurture your extended value chain to leverage your company's internal resources

          Action Learning Exercise: The extended value chain

Product Management Tools

This section provides a review of several popular tools and techniques that have proven helpful to product managers, including:

  • Pricing strategies for new products
  • Competitive forces
  • Sources of customer input and feedback.

General Questions and Deferred Discussion

While most questions are addressed during the workshop itself, which is highly interactive, some lengthier issues may get deferred until this point in the course.  In addition, as time allows, we can explore other topics of particular interest to the delegates. 

Certification Exam

The exam will be administered during the final day of the program.  

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